About Us

We are..

Advancement in Science and technology is vital for the development of any nation. Statistics have shown that in India we have a dearth of scientists. Hence we as volunteers felt a strong need to take up this challenge of promoting Science and Technology among the students of Indian schools in Qatar. Thus was born Science India Forum (SIF), as an organisation by a group of professionals keen in popularisation of science in 2005.

Science India Forum activities were commenced in 2006 to instil scientific temperament and provide resources and the platform to shape young minds towards research and development in Science and technology for aspiring scientists and inventors.

Science India Forum- Qatar, is affiliated to the Indian Cultural Center in 2016 and functioning, under the aegis of the Embassy of India.

Our Mission

SIF strives to ignite interest, kindle inquisitive spirit and develop young minds to have a passion for science and technology.

SIF shall strive to create a culture of excellence with a renewed commitment encouraging students and the youth to take up research and foster them as inventors of tomorrow to deliver relevant solutions for the development of our nation.

SIF shall strive to educate the youngsters on the rich contributions made by our ancestors towards science and technology and inspire them by providing opportunities to the follow the footsteps of our great scientists.

Our Vision

To strive to create an excellent pool of younger generation who are much inclined to take up a career in scientific research.

Aims and Objectives

Science India Forum envisages to work with the Indian educational institutions in Qatar as well as bridge Science & Research Organizations in India with scientific clubs and associations. Also to strive to further strengthen the Indo Qatar ties in education, science and technology.

  • To New and novel ideas to attract young students to take up research in pure and applied sciences.
  • To provide an atmosphere where the aspiring students can deliver with a feeling of accomplishment in the field of science and technology.
  • To set the stage for future Indian Inventors
  • To provide emotional and other support to aspiring scientists.
  • To recognize achievers in science and technology.
  • To facilitate students and the youth, value added interaction with renowned scientists from India and all over the world.